Life is now

By 2:38 PM

The past week was surrounded by turbulence, and when I say turbulence, I mean one of those that you actually think you are not gonna make it. But the days went by and with self-control and support, I managed to go through them without thinking about putting an easy end into my suffering.

And today, as soon as I woke up, I was gifted with the ability of starting over, and even though I have absolutely no idea where to begin, I know at some point it will come to my mind.

I personally hate self-help books, but I recently checked a post on a blog that recommended one, and after reading some excerpts, I decided to give it a try, and hell, reading it made me think a lot about my choices.
We only live once, we aren't here practicing for a theater play. Life is now, so we shouldn't be sitting here hoping, planning and wondering whether we should do something or not. Live intensely, don't hold back, don't spend your whole life living in misery, because then, when you finally come around, you'll be too old to start over. So with that in mind, I realized that the years are going by too fast and that I haven't done half the things I wanted to do. I have a seriously problem, I live other people's lives, I always put everyone before me, friends, boyfriends, family, and then, when they don't need me, I sit here feeling useless and not knowing what to do, that's pathetic. I think it's a wonderful thing to care for other people, there isn't anything better than the acknowledgement that someone is smiling because of you, but then, what's it worth if in the end everyone is smiling, except you?

What about you, have you already started to live?

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